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How far we have come with fiberglass pools

Posted by Joe Di Cintio on Jul 29, 2012 1:50:00 PM

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I constantly get feed back from potential clients that have been quoted by non fiberglass pool installers.

1. Fiberglass pools look cheap!

2. They have limited shapes and sizes.

3. Dont have a diving model.

4. Can't install an auto cover.

5. Can't, can't can't..........

These are just some of the comments I hear every day, the list goes on......

I know this blog is Short, however I just wanted to share these photos with you so that you know that you can, can, can......  create the exact features in a fiberglass pool that you can in any other type of pool.

So when a pool builder says negative things about a fiberglass pool, I challenge them to prove it.


Happy swimming.


Vince Camastra

Your Fiberglass Pool Experts.



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